Honesty Farm Stand

Scan the QR code with phone camera to pay all at once and avoid fees Paypal.me/HaleOKauka


We sell three varieties of local avocado, mix and match 2 for $3.


Avocado Leaf Tea – Haiku Blend

Package of tea bags


Bananas, 4 for $1.

Small local variety, extra sweet - great in smoothies!


Cashews, by bag

Processed raw



Free if you harvest them yourself!


Dragon Fruit

Earthy flavor, not too sweet


Eggs (wild fertile)

2 for $1.00 ($6 dozen, $3 half dozen)


Ginger Root (Turmeric)

Price per package


Grapefruit, 2 for $1



Lilikoi (Passion Fruit)

Check the garden notes page for health benefits



This is a local variety, the tree is over 100 years old. The fruit are full of fiber. Good for juicing, dehydrating and blending in smoothies.


Noni (Cheese fruit)

This is local Hawaiian medicinal fruit. Check the garden notes page for Noni preparation and health benefits (Gecko not included)


Tahitian Limes


Ulu (Breadfruit)

Half price if squishy. Check the garden notes page for squishy breadfruit receipes


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