The Roosters of Hale O Kauka

Ferral chickens aren’t just a thing at Hale O Kauka Healing Garden, they are quit common place on Maui. I recently saw some roosting on the cart return at Target in town and in the evenings you will find many fly up high into the Banyan tree in Lahaina at dusk to roost, just aboutContinue reading “The Roosters of Hale O Kauka”

Pitanga Fruit Super Food

This fruit is a low glycemic and low calarie super food. It is similar to a raspberry but a bit more perfumy in flavor although Doug swears it’s reminicent of a bell pepper with less crunch. It has many health benefits and is super cute in a fruit salad.

Hawaiian Ulu or Breadfruit

We are learning so much about breadfruit here at Hale O Kauka Healing Garden. I’m always interested first to learn why each tree may have been planted in the garden here at the Doctor’s House. Some have medicinal properties and others are just really good for you. Breadfruit is an iconic Hawaiin food. Like manyContinue reading “Hawaiian Ulu or Breadfruit”