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Jen is author of The Blog at and a short read on Amazon, she is a Reiki Master, Way-shower and Wedding Officiant. She is a partner at Real Estate Reiki and founding trustee/co-creator of Woo Woo Wellness. She hosts the Woo Woo Wellness Podcast from the sunroom at Hale O Kauka Healing Garden and hosts numerous private events for the intentional Maui community that formed around homeschooling children during the pandemic years. Jen also occasionally works as a consultant in the empoyer health benefits field.

Doug is a retired music and film studio audio engineer. When he isn’t talking story about his days wiring up the console that recorded the first Guns and Roses album or his years at Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros Studios on the sets of many sitcoms from Cheers to Big Bang Theory, Doug maintains the garden and listens to the sounds of nature at Hale O Kauka Healing Garden. Doug is a secret energy reader and a Potter, he lovingly calls the old garage and wash house “Dragonsfyre Studio” and when homeschool is not in session, that’s where the creative alchemy happens. Pottery wheels and a kiln complete the space. Doug psychically knew that part of his calling to Maui included creating wares that would challenge his skills, echo the mythology of the island and provide an artistic outlet for channeling the nature elements ever present in this place.

Siva is author of a book of poetry and is currently engaged in a new book project in collaboration with The Womb Garden, Maui. She has plans for clay art that encapsulates the natural beauty that is in abundance here on Maui. Siva is a student of life. She currently works part-time creating frames for art pieces.

Skyler is an artist and muralist with a passion for large scale graffitti styled art. He is published in several graff art magazines. He is retired from his affiliation with graffitti crews on the mainland in Seattle and Los Angeles and is now solely focused on his signature art pieces on canvas and privately commission installations; he offers his skills as a painter and teacher of large scale urban art.

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